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About the Resource Hub

On July 12, 2017, the State Board of Education unamimously passed the California English Learner Roadmap (EL Roadmap) – a historic, asset-based policy that offers a framework for centering equity in educating English learners. The EL Roadmap lays out a shared vision for what districts and schools need to do to support Dual Language Learners (DLLs), English learners (ELs) and their families.

This new Resource Hub is designed to make the vision of the EL Roadmap a reality. Leading advocates have come together to gather tools and resources from across the field to support implementation of the EL Roadmap and guide all educators and levels of the schooling system as they work to advance equity of access and achievement for DLL and EL students.

The resources below aim to help key audiences – including families, educators, administrators, teacher educators and policymakers – better understand the steps they need to take to connect with decision-makers, bring the EL Roadmap to life in classrooms and translate vision to action across our state. Select an audience type to view the resources that are most relevant for your work.

Together, we will harness the power of language and prepare our students to participate in a global, diverse and multilingual world, thus ensuring a thriving future for California.

Translating Vision to Action

Harnessing the power of language to prepare our students to participate in a diverse, global and multilingual world.

About the Resource Hub
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The English Learner Roadmap Resource Hub is a collaboration among the following organizations committed to advancing equity in education.

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